Doordarshan Kendra, Bangalore (Bengaluru) is located on the northern side of the city of Bangalore. This Kendra has a studio complex consisting of Main Studio, Continuity Studio, Outside Broadcasting Van, ENG Production facility, Satellite Earth Station and 6 KW Digital Terrestrial Transmitter.

The T.V. Tower is 150 M high and the Kendra has DTT 6 KW Transmitter Under 11th Plan Scheme of Digitalization of Transmitter & Studios in DD Network under sub head Setting up of 6 KW DTT (DVB-T2), UHF, Band IV/V, Liquid Cooled, TV Transmitter along with DTT Antenna System under PC Code 138 & 1230, One No. of new DTT transmitter was installed at DDK Bangalore and commissioned on 25th Feb. 2016.
The Transmitter building was extended and modified with the help of CCW (C) for accommodating the new DTT Transmitter and associated equipment. The transmitter hall flooring was changed to Vitrified tiles. New False ceiling and. A/C Duct rerouting work was done. Electrical rewiring for both power and lighting was carried out. 3 Nos of LT Panels were installed (Two for replacement of existing LT Panel & one No. for new DTT). 125 KVA DG along with AVR, UPS and Isolation transformer were installed and tested. 16 Nos of new earth pits were made for all existing and new equipment. New separate copper earth strips for power, technical & Neutral earthing were laid in different colour code and connected to the equipment, Racks, power panels etc.
Earth Station telecasts 24 Hrs. of Kannada programmes through Satellite Channel (DD-Chandana) in digital mode and caters to the Satellite Regional Language Service of Karnataka. The News feeds from the Karnataka region are also being uplinked to the satellite for News footage to the National / DD News. RLSS caters to 11 High Power Transmitters, 36 Low Power Transmitters situated in Karnataka.

The technical parameters of chandana downlink are as follows:

Satellite : G SAT 17
Downlink frequency : 3978.5 MHz
Symbol Rate : 6.25 MSPS
FEC : 3/4
Polarization : vertical

Name Designation Contact No. (080)
N. Madhava Reddy Deputy Director General(E)
(Head of Office)
Phone : 23333997


R.Venkatesh Dy.Director (E) Phone : 23332247 / 23333201 Extn : 203
K. B.Siddalingappa Deputy Director (E) Phone: 23332245 /23333201 Extn : 201
Niranjan Deputy.Director (E) Phone : 23333761 /23333201 Extn : 210