Special Initiatives

Bangalore Doordarshan Kendra’s unique motto is that the Regional Language Satellite Channel “Chandana” (DD-9) should stand-out as a bench mark in the ‘Regional Television Industry’ with quality programmes:

The Steps envisioned to achieve this motto includes the following:

  • Organising invited programmes in different places of the State for providing platform for new talents.
  • Increase the entertainment component in the programme menu like telecast of new films, film songs & new family serials of social relevance.
  • To show case the ethnic culture of the state through programmes of Music and Dance of all forms.
  • Telecast programmes keeping in mind of the specific audience needs.
  • To duly remind the viewers that Bangalore Doordarshan is also a Public Service Broadcaster by mounting suitable programme series like ‘Vikasana’ for students and various schemes implemented by the Government of the day for the benefit of public at large.
  • Creating public awareness about overall health, education, legal aspects and other social needs through relevant programmes.
  • Scheduling Quiz programmes and Game Shows to benefit viewers participation in our programmes.
  • Providing timely and authentic ‘News’ to the viewers about all the events that take place at City, Taluk District, State, National and International levels.
  • Giving coverage to events like cultural activities, festivals, exhibitions, sports, education/ social/ political related activities of State’s / National importance and providing platform to new talents who can aptly utilize the visual medium to tell their success stories.