Commissioned Programmes Guidelines



Subject: Guidelines for consideration, processing and approval of Commissioned Programmes for Telecast on Doordarshan Channels.

Prasar Bharati commissions programmes from outside producers from time to time in accordance with channel requirements of Doordarshan, to complement and supplement its in-house production efforts and to bring variety in its programming. Commissioning of programmes through outside producers will be done by Prasar Bharati both at its Doordarshan Headquarters and at its Doordarshan Regional Kendras, subject to the availability of funds from time to time.


      Prasar Bharati may commission programmes in one of the following modes:
    • a) Single Stage Process (SSP): Prasar Bharati may invite programme proposals on identified themes/ subjects from eligible producers through advertisement and decision regarding programme assignment would be taken after evaluating the proposals received.
    • b) Direct Assignment Process (DAP): Prasar Bharati may commission programme(s) directly from eminent Producers/ Directors/ Production Houses on such terms and conditions and in respect of such topics/ subjects as it may deem fit, in fields where these eminent producers/ directors/ production houses have a proven record.
      Whenever it is decided to commission programmes from outside producers, Prasar Bharati would decide the mode of commissioning to be followed. Direct Assignment will be done through a Committee chaired by the CEO. The Committee will include the DG: DD, one Programme DDG, one expert from Media/ TV/ Arts/ Films/ Literature/ Management/ Social Sciences to be nominated by the CEO from among a panel of experts. The panel will be valid for one year. All such direct assignments will thereafter be reported to the Board.
      The procedure for commissioning programmes under SSP is explained in the following paragraphs. The procedure for commissioning under DAP shall be determined by the Committee chaired by the CEO.



4. Themes/Formats will be identified by a Committee appointed by DG, Doordarshan and this list of themes will be brought to the notice of CEO, Prasar Bharati for his approval. Such a list would be valid for two years commencing from the beginning of the Financial Year. If any change/addition in the list is required, it will be done with the approval of the CEO.

5. Applications for programmes on identified themes will be invited by the Central Commissioning Unit (CCU) in Doordarshan Directorate (Kashir, North East, Bharati, Urdu and Regional Channels will invite applications separately) by making suitable announcements over its Network, advertising on its website, by notices on Notice Board of Doordarshan Kendras and, if required, also by advertising in newspapers. The notice, inter alia, will give details of the programme categories, genre, theme, subject and number of episodes /hours of programme requirement. The notice will also specify the eligibility criteria for the applicant.

6. Prasar Bharati reserves the right to make changes in the number of programmes to be commissioned, their type/genre, theme/subject and the number of episodes at any stage, and its decision in this regard shall be final.


7. Prasar Bharati may commission programmes either on Fixed Budget basis or Assessed Budget basis. In the Fixed Budget Mode, the applicant would be expected to submit a proposal to produce the programme within the episode price specified by Prasar Bharati whereas in the Assessed Budget mode the episode price would be determined by the Costing Committee. The public announcement would clearly mention the Budget Mode.


8. Each programme proposal should contain the following information:

About the applicant/ Producer

a) Complete biodata showing the applicant’s production track record with requisite documentary proof.

b) Financial standing of the applicant/producer, Latest Bank Account Statement, Audited balance sheets. (In case of newcomers who come up with Programmes of exceptional quality, this or the above requirements may be waived.)

c) PAN No., Attested copy of PAN Card, IT returns for the last 3 years.

About the Programme

d) Subject, title, language, theme, category, genre (e.g. Fiction, Documentary, Quiz, etc.) of the programme,

e) Detailed story line in case of serials. Story/topic, broad outline of treatment and script for single episode programmes,

f) Detailed scripts, scenario scripts, screenplay of all episodes with concept and treatment, in case of a short serial of up to 4 episodes. In case of longer serials, synopsis of all episodes or 26 episodes, whichever is less, along with detailed script, scenario script, screenplay for four episodes,

g) Details of the production team including names, bio-data and addresses of the Director, Researcher, script writer, director of photography and music director, along with a written confirmation from each one, agreeing to be engaged for the production of the programme. No change in the production team, once intimated, will be made without the prior consent of Prasar Bharati.

h) A show reel of the programmes produced by the applicant / producer in the recent past.

i) Cost of production containing the full details of budget break up at pre-production, production and post production stages. (This may be in a separate sealed cover, superscribed, ‘Proposed Budget’ inside the main cover)

j) For production of quickies, spots, etc. the same details would be furnished along with a complete storyboard and details of postproduction.

Each proposal will carry as its first page, an index indicating all the above with their page numbers. All documents/affidavits will be submitted with the proposals. Additional time for submission of such documents will not be given. Original documents will be provided for verification when asked for by PB/DD.

9. The applicant/ producer shall also submit an affidavit to the effect that information furnished in respect of programmes produced and telecast, financial status and other relevant aspects are correct and that the applicant/ empanelled producer shall have no objection to termination of programme assignment if the information furnished is found to be incorrect.

10. An applicant /producer who has been a defaulter to Prasar Bharati / who has outstanding dues against him will have to clear the dues or get a repayment plan approved before being awarded any assignment.

11. Prasar Bharati may ask the applicant / producer to make a presentation in respect of the programme proposal submitted by him/her. In such an event, the applicant/ producer must present himself/ herself in person before the Evaluation Committee along with the requisite members of the creative team as may be intimated and make such presentation (with the programme pilot wherever stipulated). Presentation by a person other than the applicant/ producer will not be allowed.

12. The applicant /producer will produce such other documents and provide such other information as may be required by Prasar Bharati like partnership deeds/memorandum of association and articles of association, certificate of incorporation etc. to establish authenticity of the applicant


13. Each programme proposal shall be accompanied by a processing fee of the value of:

a) Rs. 25,000/- (Rupees Twenty five thousand) in the case of a proposal for a National / International channel; and,

b) Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten thousand) in the case of a proposal for a Regional Channel, State Network or Regional/ Local Service.

14. The processing fee shall be submitted in the form of a crossed Bank draft payable to PBBCI, Directorate General, Doordarshan, New Delhi.

15. The processing fee is non-refundable.


16. Each proposal received will be initially evaluated on the basis of all submitted documents for its suitability in terms of channel requirement by a Suitability Committee constituted for this purpose. Of the proposals short listed, those that are considered for serials of 13 episodes or more, will be asked to produce a pilot at their own risk and cost, except in the case of niche formats so determined. Short listed proposals will be referred to an Evaluation Committee.

17. Each Channel of DD, insofar as possible, will have a separate Evaluation Committee appointed by the DG Doordarshan. This Evaluation Committee will have not more than 5 (five) official members of the rank of Deputy Director and above. The Committee, in addition to official members, may have upto three (3) outside experts. The outside experts will be from the fields of film/TV production, performing art, broadcasting, journalism, literature, management, social sciences etc. Such a panel of outside experts will be prepared by the Directorate and will have the approval of the CEO.

18. At the Regional Level, the Evaluation Committee will have not more than 4 official members of the levels of Programme Executive and above. This Committee will be constituted by the Director of the Kendra with the approval of the Regional DDG. At the regional level, the outside experts will be proposed by the Kendra Director to the regional DDG for approval.

19. The Committee will evaluate proposals mainly on the basis of the pilot episode, presentation and the information submitted about the programme. It will recommend acceptance or rejection of the proposal. In case of rejection, reasons for rejection shall be indicated. In case of acceptance the number of episodes to be commissioned will be decided by the Committee.